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2K LINE MDI DEPTH-GAUGE - Capsule only

Diam. 52 mm / 2".

2k line MDI




Phosphore Bronze C Bourdon tube;
Rack and pinion movement for smooth and precise operation;
Very compact and lightweight;
Sylicone oil filled;
Policarbonate upper part;
Temperature compensating rubber lower part;
Highly accurate in a range between
0°c to 50°c degrees /
32°f to 130°f degrees;
Maximum depth red indicator easy to reset;
Luminous easy to read dial design.

Weight: 80 gr / USA: 2.82 oz.

Available Graduations:
70 Mt full scale;
Red marking: 3-6 mt;
Increments: 1 mt.

220 feet full scale;
Red marking: 10-20 feet;
Increments: 5 feet.

Accuracy to DIN EN 13319.

Imperial and dual graduation available.

Personalized dial with logo;
Wrist cover;
Combo mounting;
Capsule only.

Capsule Only:
Cat. T.I. 130007